Kappa Sigma Fraternity

Mu-Rho Chapter


Welcome to the Mu-Rho Chapter of Kappa Sigma Fraternity at Missouri State University!

The longest-standing fraternity chapter at MSU, the Mu-Rho Chapter has a proud history in Springfield, MO since 1984. Located at 800 S. National Avenue, we house 16 brothers, plus another 40 brothers living near MSU’s campus.

Mu-Rho centers it’s focus on our four founding pillars: Fellowship, Leadership, Scholarship and Service.

As a result, our chapter – part of the largest college social fraternity in the world – is consistently a leader in recruitment on campus and initiates men that share our values to join our brotherhood.

Year-over-year, our brothers are elected to executive committees within campus organizations, including the Interfraternity Council, Missouri State’s fraternal governing body. You’ll also find Mu-Rho in the top of the rankings in interfraternity and campus-wide competitions.

At Mu-Rho, you’ll find we not only develop our brothers to lead within our chapter, but on campus and in the community as well. After all, membership in Mu-Rho will provide a memorable collegiate experience, but more importantly, send our brothers towards their future endeavors as better men.

As Kappa Sigmas, we respect our commitment to a journey that is lifelong – not for a day, or an hour, or a college term only, but for life.

Upcoming Events

Rush 2017
August 29th – September 8th 2017

Tuesday, August 29th
Casino Night
Downstream Casino

Wednesday, August 30th
Soap Hockey
Taco Bell Fields

Thursday, August 31th
House Barbeque
Chapter House

Tuesday, September 5th
Taco Tuesday
The Roost

Wednesday, September 6th
Foster Recreation Center

Thursday, September 7th
Foster Recreation Center

Friday, September 8th
Invite Only

The Mu-Rhover

The Mu-Rhover is the official newsletter of The Mu-Rho Chapter. It provides a connection between the current operations of the chapter and the alumni.

The Mu-Rhover is published no less than quarterly and is distributed through email and social media channels.

If you have an announcement that you’d like included in an upcoming Mu-Rhover, please submit to John Schmitt.