Kappa Sigma Fraternity

Mu-Rho Chapter

Who We Are

Our Purpose

Incorporated in Missouri on December 23, 2013, The Mu-Rho Chapter of Kappa Sigma Fraternity Housing Corporation is a 501(c)(7) non-profit organization. Its formal purpose is to promote and foster fraternal principles and ideals of the Kappa Sigma Fraternity. Additionally, to acquire and oversee livable, affordable housing property and assets for The Mu-Rho Chapter of Kappa Sigma Fraternity at Missouri State University.

Our Role and Responsibilities

Plan, develop and execute fundraising initiatives to secure permanent housing for The Mu-Rho Chapter.

Manage all housing and vendor contracts and relationships, while providing a single channel for chapter-to-vendor payments.

Oversee assessment and implementation of chapter house repairs and acquisition of assets.

Provide mentorship programming and operational advice to the undergraduate chapter.

Serve as an alumni organization, encouraging alumni brothers to stay engaged with the chapter, network with brothers and continue to develop as men.

Plan and host brotherhood events for the brothers of The Mu-Rho Chapter, to be held at various times within a given year.

Offer scholarships to assist undergraduate brothers with higher education funding.

Current Housing

The Mu-Rho Chapter has been an important and consistent part of Missouri State University since our founding in 1984. To continue our strong brotherhood, the Housing Corporation is committed to securing safe, stable housing that provides opportunities for chapter growth.

Mu-Rho undergraduates and alumni continue to grow the Mu-Rho Housing Fund, which will secure the chapter with a long-term, Mu-Rho-owned property at Missouri State University. In the meantime – and with the ending of our lease at 800 S. National, the Housing Corporation sought out temporary housing options near campus.

In April of 2017, the Housing Corporation secured temporary housing at 316 S. National Avenue. This 5-bedroom, 3-bathroom property will provide housing for 7 brothers, but most importantly, a place for Mu-Rho to call home while the Housing Fund grows.

While 316 S. National will be a comfortable living space, we will continue to keep our primary focus on growing the Housing Fund to a point that allows us to take action towards a permanent chapter house.

To achieve our Housing Fund goal – an aggressive, yet attainable one – it will require the commitment of not just the undergraduates or the Housing Corporation, but all Mu-Rho Kappa Sigmas.

The effort requires a committed group of individuals to lead the charge – this is your Housing Corporation. Additionally, this effort requires that property be secured, professional services contracted and so on. But as we all know, for any of this to be possible, the funds must be available – and this is where we call on all of our fellow brothers.

The Housing Corporation Board has studied options and developed a 5-year plan to raise $250,000 in Phase 1 of the Mu-Rho Housing Fund Campaign. The Phase 1 goal is based on raising 20% of a $1.25 million future facility to continue Mu-Rho’s legacy at Missouri State University.

The future facility will be home to 20+ brothers and provide a state-of-the-art environment for our chapter brothers, while allowing our alumni brothers to enjoy return visits for years to come.

Housing Fund Campaign

We’ve named Phase 1 of the Housing Fund Campaign, “250 for the Future.” Beginning Founders Weekend of 2017, we seek 250 of our dedicated alumni brothers to commit to a monthly donation of $29 – to help raise our goal of $250,000 by 2020.

Additional funding projections are forcasted to come from one-time donations, donation matching programs and undergraduate chapter donations.

Completion of Phase 1 will allow us the ability to secure financing to design and build a $1.25 million facility for Mu-Rho.

We’ve greatly appreciate the donations we have received to date, which you can see a visual summary of in “Campaign Progress” on the site.

* Further campaign informational materials are in-progress and will be made available upon completion.

Campaign Progress

Housing Fund Snapshot

Currently as of June 20th, 2020 the Housing Fund consists of $13,177.46, reflected below as 5% of the Phase 1 campaign goal.

Housing Fund Monthly Donors

The below brothers are actively donating each month to the Housing Fund. We appreciate your support!

Brian Beam Brian Springer
Dennis Distler Jeff Luechtefeld
Justin Doherty Marcus Engle
Mark Baldridge Mark Mathes
Michael Laskowitz Mike Gillani
Michael O'Niell Nathan Newell
Nic Coco Paul Douthit
Paul Giljum Phil Shannon
Ryan Boulay Scott Park
Scott Sutton Nic Coco
Nathan Newell Mitch McMann
Scott Poole Jonathan King
Ernie Voris

Give Back

At this stage in Mu-Rho's journey, the primary ways to show support are recurring donations and one-time donations.

No matter your level of financial commitment, Mu-Rho extends it’s sincere appreciation for your generous support of the chapter’s initiatives.


Recurring Monthly